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Single Moms Doing It All

Raising teenagers alone can be brutal!

In this podcast you will learn tips and tools to overcome your challenges through tapping into your whole brain's resources, cultivating emotional self-regulation and aligning your energy so you can start Co-Parenting with the Universe™ 

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May 28, 2020

This episode is part two of the episode from last week.

In the last episode we created space for  our happiness

and this week we will each  create our own versions of happiness.

I will share an exercise where you allow your heart to lead the way through the process to your personal path to achieving the happiness we...

May 20, 2020

A lesson from COVID- 19

Do you live and practice your life in a way that is truly congruent with the happiness that you seek?

Sometimes, rather than seeking or incorporating new habits into our lives to produce happiness, we must instead get rid of habits in order to make space in which that happiness can exist.

May 12, 2020

I’m sure that there has been a challenge in your life that has made you question your ability to overcome it. You may even be in the trenches of that challenge right now. My guest today is here to show you that if you do the work, you can truly overcome anything. She herself, has had to battle two cancers,...

May 8, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!
Being a mom isn't easy and there is no manual to guide us.
Don't you wish that sometimes you could ask a wise one for some advice?
In this bonus episode I included a meditation to connect with your guides, your ancestors and the Universe and ask for higher guidance.
Use that meditation every time you...

May 5, 2020

Just like with anything taken to extremes, conscious parenting can have dangerous side effects.

It is important to filter the advice we receive in order to identify the tools that resonate with the wisdom we have acquired through life.

It is a delicate balance between take and toss, and it is our responsibility to do...