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Single moms doing it all

Raising teenagers and doing everything as a single mom can be brutal.

In this podcast you will learn tips and tools to avoid the arguments and manages the challenges through physical, emotional and spiritual self-care so you can be an empowered mom supported by the Universe.
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Nov 24, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been quite a year so far and you may not be in a gratitude mood but that's exactly why you should!

In this episode you'll hear about the various benefits of gratitude and how it has the potential to change your life.

If you don't know where to start with included some very practical pointers...

Nov 12, 2020

Abundance is a topic of interest for most people and a lot of us have the desire to invite more of it into our life but did you know that even if you’ve worked on opening to receive it, it may not be enough?


In this interview with healer and coach Aparna Vermuri we cover why it is not enough and what needs to happen...

Nov 4, 2020

We just had the elections here in the US...
We had to ask ourself about who we would like to have at the head of our country, but a this is a question that very few people ask about their life and even less about their parenting.

This week I wanted to guide you into an investigation of the part of you leading different...