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Single Moms Doing It All

Raising teenagers alone can be brutal!

In this podcast you will learn tips and tools to overcome your challenges through tapping into your whole brain's resources, cultivating emotional self-regulation and aligning your energy so you can start Co-Parenting with the Universe™ 

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Jan 9, 2020

As you know I love presenting to you different approaches and methods and I am very excited about this episode because I interviewed Dinu Ranasinghe who is a certified coach with the Dr Shefali's Conscious Parenting method.

This method is very close to the way we work with my clients and students so I think you are going to love it!

Plus I had a long coffee with Dinu prior to this interview and we really connected. As a person she has a delightful energy.

During this interview Dinu told the story of how she gave up her old life to live her passion and she successfully transitioned from her former career to open her very own preschool. She described the principles of the Conscious parenting method. She was very real about herself as a parent and her parenting methods She also shared how she implements the conscious parenting method both in her own life as a mom but also as a pre school owner.

We covered parental expectations, self judgement, the impact of our belief system on our parenting and more.

About Dinu:

Born in England, raised in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka, lived in London, Washington D.C and New York, Dinuka eventually found her home in Long Beach, California. Having graduated with an LL.B (Hons) from the University of Sussex, England, she was then admitted to the New York Bar.

In 2008 she decided to follow her heart working with children so she continued studying, this time in Early Childhood Development and completed over 20 units and to date continues to attend seminars and conferences in the field to further her knowledge. She is the owner of Kid Works Children’s Center (preschool) in Long Beach as well as the mother of two boys born in 2009 and 2011.

In 2019 she completed and graduated from the Conscious Coaching Institute of Dr. Shefali Tsabary and received her Conscious Parenting Method Certification.

Dr. Shefali is a world-renowned parenting expert endorsed by Oprah as the best yet. Through this method of coaching, parents make great transformations in their own lives as well as the lives of their children! This is a method with a twist to say the least!

You get your 30 minutes complementary call with Dinu by contacting her at or calling 917 734 9100


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