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Single moms doing it all

Raising teenagers and doing everything as a single mom can be brutal.

In this podcast you will learn tips and tools to avoid the arguments and manages the challenges through physical, emotional and spiritual self-care so you can be an empowered mom supported by the Universe.
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Aug 10, 2019

Your food can think you!
It can even affect our mood and your relationship with your teenagers and life in general.

Today, my guest is Devra Betts, podcaster and author of Wake The Health Up!
She did not only use food to feel better but she even reversed disease in her body and probably changed her destiny.

If you have recurring physical symptoms

If you want to understand what food to give your teenagers so they stay healthy and what not to feed them if your goal is to enjoy more harmonious relationships

This episode has some answers for you!

We also covered some approaches for your kids to eat healthier since you don’t always have control over what they put in their mouth.

We also talked about the effect of specific foods on ACNE, active or ADHD kids and more…

Of course the relationship gut/brain was part of the conversation as well.

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